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Secondary School and Higher Ed Enrollment Challenges

ATLANTA -- In some schools enrollment has dropped 25 percent as noted in recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. One article focuses on private schools and one on public institutions. No sector is immune. What causes one school to be vulnerable and experience this drastic decline while another school has increased enrollment and success? Enrollment is a complex subject, and depends upon the recruiting done by Admissions, the school's reputation, the all-in cost, financial aid, desirability of its programs to attract its potential students, and competitive position within its peer group. A drop in enrollment usually causes financial distress in balancing budgets, especially among those which are tuition dependent. There is no silver bullet to solving this situation, but administrators must be proactive and create game plans for dealing with empty seats and probable operating losses. If this continues for very long, the school will be in trouble with its accreditation agency as well as its lender.

Core Point Partners has experience in working with school management, analyzing and assessing problems, and coming up with plans to make change happen. Contact Deby Glidden, Managing Partner, Core Point Partners, LLC for assistance with this challenge: dglidden@corepointpartners.com

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Dixon Fleming

Dixon Fleming, Managing Partner, was recently appointed by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory as Commissioner for the North Carolina Boxing Commission. Dixon has had a passion for boxing for a number of years and is an active member of the North Carolina business community.

Deby Glidden

Deby Glidden, Managing Partner, was a guest lecturer for a tenth semester at Georgia Institute of Technology, using a case she created to give Architectural and Construction students "hands-on" experience of how to deal with a construction disaster at the same time the bank is demanding payment on its loan.

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