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Affordability Challenges in Higher Education

Creating strategies to meet demand

ATLANTA -- With recent public challenges by the Obama administration to affordability in colleges and universities, the pressure is mounting to rate schools, and to tie federal financial aid programs to various school performance and outcomes measures that have not yet been determined. Higher Ed agencies are attempting to have a voice in this important discussion as the resulting decisions could play a large role in the ultimate destiny of a school. Inherent in these discussions is a huge balance question of how to remain competitive with peer institutions in programs, faculty, services and facilities while maintaining tight control of costs and educating students in a way to produce desired outcomes of graduation and job success, while minimizing student debt and tuition increases. There are many moving parts to this challenge, and the best outcomes will be those schools that are efficient in spending their resources and producing strong outcomes for their students.

Core Point Partners has experience in helping school administrators analyze these issues and create game plans. Contact Deby Glidden, Managing Partner, Core Point Partners, LLC for assistance with this challenge: dglidden@corepointpartners.com

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Dixon Fleming

Dixon Fleming, Managing Partner, was recently appointed by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory as Commissioner for the North Carolina Boxing Commission. Dixon has had a passion for boxing for a number of years and is an active member of the North Carolina business community.

Deby Glidden

Deby Glidden, Managing Partner, was a guest lecturer for a tenth semester at Georgia Institute of Technology, using a case she created to give Architectural and Construction students "hands-on" experience of how to deal with a construction disaster at the same time the bank is demanding payment on its loan.

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